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PythonChallenge – Level 2

Homepage: http://www.pythonchallenge.com/pc/def/ocr.html

How I solve:

– From the hints:

recognize the characters. maybe they are in the book,
but MAYBE they are in the page source.

I open up to view this page source code in HTML; apparently, there’s a block of unreadable text and it’s being said to find some rare readable character.
– Logically, if it’s readable then there should be some character appearing on this crazy text. I use Ctrl+F to find some character, and as always, “aeiouy“. They do appear inside. So I decide to paste this into a file “data.txt” and write a small script to get all alphabet letters from it.

import string
lines = open("data.txt").readlines()
result = [(x) for line in lines for x in line if x.isalpha() == True]
print string.join(result, "");

– Right away, I got result very human-readable: “equality“.
– I put it up on browser, then up to next level.

Pete Houston

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