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PythonChallenge – Level 5


How I solve:

– I was totally clueless about this level. Why is that?

1) I’m new to Python, not knowing much about many common modules and function.

2) The level said that, “peak hell” and “pickle” sounds similar, well, who knows?

3) There is an Unix utility “banner” to create such a banner from ASCII character. Wow ..

Certainly, I’m damned, couldn’t solve this one.

– Searching Internet might help, and this is the solution that comes up with:

import pickle, urllib

handle = urllib.urlopen("http://www.pythonchallenge.com/pc/def/banner.p")
data = pickle.load(handle)

for elt in data:
    print "".join([e[1] * e[0] for e in elt])

– The code is from: http://holger.thoelking.name/python-challenge/all#level_5

– Anyway, it’s not so cool -_-;;

Pete Houston

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