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Try2Hack – Level 1

This is another kind of war game that focus mainly on web security. It’s kinda of fun though, as level increases, it’s getting more difficult.

Level 1http://www.try2hack.nl/levels/

I can see a text box and a button, so it must be some sort of finding the password on the web in order to pass the level.

The very first thing I’m thinking of is __Javascript__, because it’s very common in web hacking, well, in old days. Now it’s just a war game.

View source and see this interesting part:

      function Try(passwd) {
        if (passwd =="h4x0r") {
          alert("Alright! On to level 2...");
          location.href = "level2-xfdgnh.xhtml";
        else {
          alert("The password is incorrect. Please don't try again.");
          location.href = "http://www.disney.com/";

So try with password is: __h4x0r__.
Boom..bumping to next level.



Pete Houston

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